How To Make Your Dragon

Okay, in all honestly, this should be named “How To Make Your Dragon: Part Four” – however, the other three dragons haven’t really been mentioned here – I’ll give them all a quick passing glance right now.  First, a little backstory – my best friend Morgan showed me How To Train Your Dragon over the summer, and I absolutely fell in love with Toothless, one of the main characters.  He is … Read more How To Make Your Dragon

Sick day

Well, it had to happen at some point – I’m home sick, due to various health issues I won’t get into too much here (let’s just say some PCOS-related issues, as well as a sore throat, and leave it at that).  So, I’m having an honest-to-goodness sick day – not a “work at home” day, not a “oh I feel icky but I’m still going to go to work” day.  I … Read more Sick day

Unfinished Projects (or, Startitis)

How many of you out there have startitis?  I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about… I know I’ve got one heck of a pile of unfinished projects stashed in my closet – in fact, this post is going to showcase some of the more interesting projects I’ve got stashed away, thanks to the ridiculous case of chronic startitis I have.  (I think it’s terminal, to be honest…) First off, … Read more Unfinished Projects (or, Startitis)

Punch Embroidery: The Lost Art

Not many people out there know about punch embroidery.  To tell the truth, I’d never heard of it until I met my mother-in-law – she makes beautiful punch embroidery pillows, with the help of my father-in-law.  (Kathy does the punch embroidery, and Mike sews the pillows.)  When Kathy found out I could sew, I was pulled in to help sew the pillows – but I was way more interested in learning … Read more Punch Embroidery: The Lost Art

Comics! My Little Pony and Adventure Time

I’ve only very recently gotten back into the swing of collecting comic books again – when I was a kid, I used to collect Simpsons Comics pretty religiously, and collected stuff that Mixxzine/Tokyopop put out when I was a teenager.  However, when I was in college, I sort of fell out of the collecting habit – I’d pick up a few comics here and there, like assorted Pokemon comics and the … Read more Comics! My Little Pony and Adventure Time

Printable Valentines – Wreck-it Ralph Style!

Since Valentine’s Day is about a week away, I thought it might be a good idea to make my own valentines for the special people in my life!  (I mean, I do have a stash of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic valentines… but those are collector’s items!  I can’t use those!) And it came to me – why not make some Wreck-it Ralph valentines?  There aren’t any currently out there … Read more Printable Valentines – Wreck-it Ralph Style!

Classy crafting

I’ve noticed a new trend in some of my Information Science classes, and I’m taking part in it as well – there are a lot of students working on knitting and crocheting projects during class!  I brought in my Little Lovely Shawl to work on during Human Computer Interaction yesterday, and while we had wonderful conversations about cognition and how the brain works in relation to computers and technology, as well … Read more Classy crafting

Enter the crafty nerd.

Well, here goes nothing. I’m going to make a legitimate try at doing a real blog!  With a focus!  This should be… interesting. After following Jen at EPBOT for quite some time now, I thought to myself, “Hey, how come I don’t run a blog similar to hers?” And some of you may say, why the heck should you do a blog like hers?  She’s already done it!  Well, while we both … Read more Enter the crafty nerd.