A letter to Scooterlou

Dear Scooterlou, It’s been a good nearly two years together.  We’ve been through a lot of good times, a couple of bad times, and one really nasty time (I’m pretty sure I shielded you from the road that one time we were in an accident together), and rode 1,730ish miles together (give or take).  You’ve taken good care of me, and I’m pretty sure I’ve taken good care of you – … Read more A letter to Scooterlou

Music and Scooters: Yes, they do mix. Carefully.

So, when most people think of scooter riding, they don’t usually think “wow, having some music would make this ride even better!”  Most people don’t generally think of convoluted ways to add speakers to their scooter, either.  (I mean, come on, motorcycles have radios, how come Scooterlou didn’t come with one standard? Heheh.)  Well, I guess you could say I’m not most people, heheh. I will preface this with a little … Read more Music and Scooters: Yes, they do mix. Carefully.

Scootering: Best antidepressant ever.

I think, if I were to assign my website a mascot, it might just be Scooterlou.  She may not exactly be the nerdiest mode of transportation – I mean, come on, scooters are for everyone! – but she is decked out pretty nerdily.  She’s got a nice little Nyancat on one side, and a sweet “Engineered by Firefly” sticker on the other, and she’s rocking some My Little Ponies on her … Read more Scootering: Best antidepressant ever.