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The new scooter: a story told in photos

For those of you who haven’t been following the Facebook page, or who haven’t had to put up with me in person the past couple of days, I’ve been sick.  Not super sick, not “oh crap I should go to urgent care” sick, but sick enough to be whiny and spaced-out.  BUT.  I know my loyal readers are looking for something, anything, to read – so, I give you the story of my new scooter – mostly told in photos.

2013-09-20 13.13.43

Hey, look, it’s the scooter truck!  I wonder what could be in those giant boxes that say Genuine Scooter Company on them.

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New side blog: Go Scooterlou!

I’m working on a much more interesting and much larger post – on my recent trip to Chicago, no less, and about music nerdery – but until that’s all ready, I’ve got a tiny little tidbit for those of you who love hearing about my scooter (or who’re just curious about her).  I’ve started up a little Blogger blog, Go Scooterlou!, that focuses on stories about my scooter, pictures of her and other little Honda Metropolitans I encounter, and other scooter-related stuff.

You can find it here!