About Beth

I’m a 37 year old IT worker and craft nerd.  And, well, overall nerd.  I love science fiction and fantasy in all their forms, and also love making craft projects.  When the two meet, magic happens!  And blogging. It’s awesome. I grew up in central New York state, and as a kid, I fell in love with crafting – I started sewing at the tender age of eight, picked up knitting at 10, cross-stitch at 14, and crochet at 20.  And when it comes to nerdy pursuits, well, I think I’ve been nerdy as long as I’ve been alive.  I learned to read when I was a year and a half old, held my first video game controller when I was five (an Atari 2600 controller, for those curious), and learned to program at 14 (in BASIC, no less!).  As a teenager, I looked to find all sorts of ways to combine my two loves – nerdy pursuits and craft projects. Not all the projects I made were successes, but there were still some awesome things made.  And no matter the results, I never looked back once I started on my quest to make nerdy craft projects. In my spare time, I ride my trusty scooter around town, read too many books, watch television, tear apart computers and rebuild them for fun, go to sci-fi/fantasy/nerd conventions, participate in a LARP, and drink entirely too much tea.  I also dabble in programming, have a soft spot for SQL and InDesign, play lots of classic video games, and tend to watch ridiculous amounts of Star Trek and Steven Universe.  I can also be found bouncing around conventions as Pinkie Pie or dressed in my steampunk finest with my  partner in crime, Ross (known as Rainbow Factory Dash).  In short: I do a lot.

Where you can find Beth


 About Ross

I am Ross. I am better than both the salami and the bologna combined. Like Beth, I too am an IT nerd, through and through. I currently work in IT and Business Intelligence having turned a hobby into a career (never pursued higher edumucation). As a wee lad I disassembled the likes of digital alarm clocks, Speak & Spells, and 60s Civil Defense Geiger counters, though re-assembly I viewed as an optional task. In the late 90s I was gifted my second computer (a CTX during their brief foray into desktops), and that’s when my love for technology truly bloomed (I could do only so much with my first computer, an 8mhz 286… with a dot matrix printer!). I’m fond of parentheses.
Also like Beth, I’m a huge fan of My Little Pony. The first time we crossed paths, I was dressed as Rainbow Dash from the grimdark fanfic Rainbow Factory (my first cosplay ever), though at the time she wasn’t familiar with my character!
As far as crafts go, my hands are best suited for assembling and repairing computers and other mechanical devices (e.g. Garnet, my Harley). However, when I share something I’ve crafted in the traditional sense to the world, hot damn did I pour my heart and soul into it. And blood, most likely. Anyway, I’m more inclined to take a support role in my works, such as dabbling in stagecraft in high school, or, as witnessed here, deploying, maintaining, and tweaking the server this blog is powered by.

Where you can find Ross

  • lurking in his office in front of his laptop, Garak, or in front of his pile of ham radio equipment