About The Crafty Nerd

The Crafty Nerd originally started out as Beth’s Adventures in Crafting, hosted on Blogspot back in 2012, and it focused on sharing whatever craft project I was working on at the time. One chilly day in February of 2013, I decided to move my blog to a self-hosted WordPress installation and went in search of a domain name – and the internet deities must have looked favorably upon me that day, as the domain thecraftynerd.com was available. I snatched it up quickly, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The Crafty Nerd focuses on a number of topics that fall under the nerdy and/or crafty umbrellas. Specifically, I talk about my live-action roleplaying game experiences, posts about cosplays I’m constructing for conventions, share some of my nerdy craft projects, review sci-fi and fantasy books and TV shows, and share my thoughts on tabletop RPGs and board games I’ve played. I also report back on conventions I’ve attended, and enjoy sharing photos of cosplayers I meet.

About Beth

Photo of myself as Ëlinyr, my character in Kishar.
Myself as Ëlinyr, the sassy thinblooded elf scholar I play in Kishar.

I’m a technology trainer, craft nerd, and sci-fi/fantasy lover originally from New York state, currently living on a farm in south central Indiana.

When I was younger, I fell in love with crafting. At the age of eight, I was handed some fabric and a sewing needle and learned how to sew, and ever since then, I was eager to learn how to make more things. I took up knitting at 10, cross-stitch at 14, crochet at 20, and started quilting at 35. I mainly stick to yarn crafts and sewing-related crafts now, although I’ve dabbled in lots of others.

When it comes to nerdy pursuits, well, I think I was born a nerd. I played my first video game at 5 on the Atari 2600, learned to program at 16 by making a tiny little database about Sailor Moon that I programmed in BASIC, and picked up HTML coding at 17 so I could make Sailor Moon fan sites on Angelfire. (My first website still exists out there on the internet. You don’t want to see it. It’s a mess.) I read voraciously as a kid and teenager, and always loved fantasy novels. When I started college I discovered the wonderful world of science fiction. I was a latecomer to Star Trek and other sci-fi TV shows, but I fell in love with them too.

Eventually I found ways to combine my nerdy interests with crafting. With my love of sci-fi/fantasy books, anime, and various American cartoons, I found ample inspiration for cosplay costumes – and I love making or altering clothes to build a costume for a favorite character. Playing in a LARP gave me another outlet for my crafty and nerdy side together, as I could assemble a costume for a character and then get to play as them for a weekend.

In my spare time, I read too many books, watch television, tear apart computers and rebuild them for fun, go to sci-fi/fantasy/nerd conventions, participate in a LARP, and drink entirely too much tea and coffee.  I also dabble in programming and coding, have a soft spot for XML and InDesign, play lots of classic video games, and tend to watch ridiculous amounts of Star Trek and Steven Universe. In short: I do a lot of things.

Where you can find Beth